Post-symposium field trip

Take part in a 2-day excursion on recent and fossil ostracods.

23-24 July 2019

 The agenda of the field trip

Visit various coastal and inland landscapes and hydrobiological settings in the vicinity of Gdańsk.


1st day - 23 July 2019

The Hel Marine Station of the Institute of Oceanography, University of Gdańsk

23 July we will travel to Hel Peninsula, visit the Hel Marine Station (Inst. Oceanogr., Univ. Gdansk), situated at the very end of the peninsula and try to collect ostracods from interstitial waters of the Baltic sandy shores and from brackish waters of peaty meadows.

2nd day - 24 July 2019

Coastal Landscape Park - Słowiński National Park SNP - Kashubian Landscape Park

24 July we will depart early and go through Coastal Landscape Park, seeing various coast types, including bright beaches and up to 40-m-high cliffs with pre-Quaternary formations at the bottom overlaid by glacial and Holocene sediments were we could search for freshwater fossil ostracods. We will proceed to the Słowinski National Park SNP (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve) to visit “moving dunes”, coastal lakes, numerous fresh- and brackishwater wetlands and seaside forest. On the way back we will travel through Kashubian Landscape Park and stop for a while at a through postglacial Lake Raduńskie Górne to collect lacustrine littoral ostracods. You will then be transferred back to Gdansk for overnight.

Cost details

The 2-day field trip will cost approx. additional 850 PLN (ca. 200 Euro). Minimum of 8 people is required for the field trip to occur.

Price includes: transportation, accommodation for two nights, SPN entrance and guided tour fees, fees for lecture room/lab in Hel Marine Station. Food is not included. 

More details regarding the field trip will be provided to the registered participants who will sign up for the excursion.